How Difficult Is To Find Out The Real Offender?

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Initiating court procedure because of medical malpractice is relatively simple. However, to bring the procedure to an end and establish who is responsible for someone’s death, it needs a lot of time- it’s like a mission impossible. First of all, it is very hard to win the case against doctors and prove that he made a mistake.

Between the initiation of procedure and convictions there are major obstacles in the form of bad laws, unskilled courts, confusing practices immoral or biased forensic expert. They often neglect evidence, don’t pay attention to details. Although this is the truth, we can’t say that all of them are like that. Check this hyperlink to get better idea.

The basic preconditions to get justice in court in cases of medical malpractice are very bad, because, it is very hard to sue such a big company as hospital or any medical clinic. And we can feel free to say that there are not enough experts who will be able to fight at the court with such powerful enemy.

Judges are not sufficiently familiar with the legal issues related to medicine. There is no systematic approach to this whole thing. They neglect and misunderstand so many things related to this subject. Still, I have to mention that this depends from country to country. In some countries law is very vigilant and doctors don’t feel free to make such mistakes very often. On the other hand there are some states where the system is too old to be vigilant.

Sometimes it is very hard to find who is responsible for injuries that they had made, and even harder to prove that at the court. Being at the court against one doctor could be very tricky. They are well protected and there are no so many examples in practice where so ordinary man has won the case against a doctor or a hospital, because hiring good lawyer is half of your job.

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Nobody Admits Responsibility for Misdiagnosis

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Because of the pain in the lower back and leg, doctors advised Peter the 10 treatments of physiotherapy, but as the pain was persistent even after treatment, he took an X-ray of the pelvis and bones which showed the presence of metastases and primary prostate cancer.

Here we see typical example of negligence – instead of the beginning of the treatment they sent him home without doing any significant research. They were just guessing. Later they thought that it was kidney diseases without any proof for that. In their guessing, this patient has lost a lot of precious time in the fight with a vicious disease.

Another case of malpractice is Ann who was treated for three weeks with pneumonia that doctors later found that she has to go on a surgery, but because of wrong diagnosis it was too late.

How many others examples of malpractice do we have? Is it normal that people get away with that? Use the link with my sources to read more if you are ready.

Sometimes it is very hard to watch such injustice passing by so easily and without any obstacles. So many victims of malpractice are a real proof that this happens more and more often.

On the other hand, we can just blame doctors. Sometimes they make mistake, sometimes don’t. It is very important to underline that every person that works, makes mistakes at the same time. Basically, those mistakes are never done on purpose.

In such cases, you should call  They will prove your innocence and help you to avoid enormous sentences in the cases of Wrongful death. If something wasn’t done on purpose, punishment shouldn’t be so strict and severe. Although that is a crime it shouldn’t be treated the same as real crimes that are done on purpose.

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Because Misdiagnosis a Man Has Been Thinking That He Was Dying From Cancer For Seven Months

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Andrew Atkins (50) from Kent, England, said that doctors found out that he had a pancreatic cancer and told that he was a few months left – Doctor told him to go home and prepare himself to die. When you hear something like that, your entire world turns upside down. From that moment, he was no longer Andrew Atkins, father, husband, and friend. He became Andrew Atkins, mortally sick patient. Next seven months, his whole life revolved around the death and about the fact that he will die, and he had so much to do and he had a wonderful family that needed him.

Andrew has recently participated in a bicycle ride of 500 kilometers for charity organized by the Fund for Research on Cancer of the pancreas.

Andrew has written testament, too, letters to his friends with which he wanted to he said goodbye. He wrote letters to his wife and daughters, which was the hardest.

And then, one day, seven months after he was told what his diagnosis was, he was told that there was no cancer at all, he wasn’t ding at all and he had every chance to live a long and healthy life!

What happened? Andrew went to the hospital to remove him the stent and at that time doctors were able to record pancreas with camera. On examination, the month after that, the doctor told him that he was not talking about the tumor.

When he heard the good news, Andrew was not filled with joy, but he felt deeply unhappy as he had been “struck in the face.” Experts say that such a reaction is common among patients who are saved from the brink, whether it is a medical miracle, spontaneous recovery or wrong diagnosis. This is a story with happy end but how to comport in the case of injury; in this case you should call an experts such as they can really help you to solve these kinds of problems.

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